0-Viral in 5.2 sec

Mission: Manage South Centre Volkswagen’s social media channels in a way that drives attention to the Golf R through a viral giveaway campaign

South Centre Volkswagen was like a lot of businesses we meet. They had social media profiles, updated them with iPhone snapshots occasionally, and otherwise forgot they were there. However, South Centre Volkswagen understood the way the world is changing and knew they wanted more from their social presence. So they contacted us. 


With a brand new model of their sporty Golf R, South Centre partnered with us to create a viral campaign centred around giving away a one-year lease on a custom-coloured Golf R. To accomplish this, we helped design a Facebook giveaway that would drive huge organic interaction and excitement around the vehicle. We completely managed their paid advertising strategy and execution around the contest to provide additional reach and spark new organic interactions. We paired this clever giveaway design with engaging video content to both entice and inform customers about the vehicle, capitalizing on the mounting attention. To seal the deal, we designed a surprise for the winner disguised as an interview to obtain a customer testimonial in addition to an emotional connection for viewers. The result was over 800 Facebook shares and South Centre’s brand connecting with the amount of people they would typically reach over four months in just four weeks.