31,000 people for $14

Mission: Combine a giveaway strategy with paid Facebook advertising to get Glenmore Audi’s brand in front of tens of thousands. 


It all started with a pair of tickets. Glenmore Audi had tickets to an upcoming Calgary Flames game. Like many businesses, they had used this type of incentive in giveaways before with nominal success. They reached out to us to use the existing resources in a way that would wow them. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 4.02.48 PM.png

We used a clever strategy and the power of Facebook Ads to get Glenmore Audi in front of 31,600 targeted people. Glenmore Audi had run contests with generic city-based influencer groups before, but those contests only got them temporary untargeted followers who quickly unfollowed after losing the contest. Using our strategic approach, we were able to put Glenmore Audi’s brand in front of the specific demographic of their choosing. The ad was shared 358 times, liked 228 times, and seen by 31,688. And the best part? We did it with a $14 ad spend.