The Race to 10k Followers

When we first logged into Porsche Centre Calgary’s Instagram, it resembled most auto dealership’s social media accounts: a little over a thousand followers, sporadic iPhone photos with a mix of filters, and limited engagement.

While this may have been the norm for the time, we saw this as an opportunity to stand out in a crowded auto industry. The Porsche brand is internationally known for high-performance sports cars and luxury vehicles. Yet while looking at their account, you couldn’t tell that it was a luxury brand. We set out to change that.

Over the course of the first year we partnered with them, we were able to completely transform their brand and grow their following to over 10,000 people with posts that regularly achieve over 1,000 likes.

59% of customers choose an auto dealership based on reputation. We were able to transform Porsche Centre Calgary’s marketing to use social and digital media to scale customer service, and give customers a reason to buy other than price.

But beyond that added brand prestige, this added attention has also lead to other benefits. We recently created a post for them that highlighted a classic enamel plate advertisement and it generated over 30 purchase requests and the dealership sold out of their inventory within two days. That is what we mean when we say content that drives engagement.


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