METAMODA has transformed

Whether you need a new stream of content or a complete takeover of your accounts, we are here to help you achieve your goals in the auto industry.

  1. We Turn Your Digital Presence Into Your Showroom

Every dealership we have walked into prides itself on how immaculate their showroom is, no matter how big or how small. Yet when we audit their social media accounts, it often looks like nobody has paid intentional attention to them in awhile. It is time for this to change because your digital presence is your showroom. This begins by cleaning up all of your accounts and making sure they look inviting and professional.

2. We Create High Quality Content for High Quality Cars

A vehicle is one of the most important purchases an individual can make. Your representation in their purchase decision deserves more than a smartphone photo. We will create high quality content including photos, clips, and videos to deliver value to your customers and create a strong brand. Are your staff camera shy? We have worked with complete beginners and trained them quickly to become online presenters. We take the friendly faces that customers are used to seeing in your dealership and get them camera-ready for thousands more to see.

3. We Manage Your Accounts To Optimize Effectiveness

A beautiful photo isn’t enough to deliver results if that photo isn’t posted in a way that gains attention. That’s where our account management skills come in. From best practices, to hashtag strategy, to organic reach hacking, we ensure your content is posted in the best possible way to reach your customers.

4. We Target Your Desired Audience Through Paid Ads

The greatest strength of social media for advertisers is the ability to fine-tune the targeting of marketing messages. You no longer need to put out one blanket advertisement on the radio for every human in your area hoping one may be the right person listening. Instead, let us help you target all single mothers within driving distance of your dealership who have children who are still in car seats with an advertisement showcasing the family flexibility of your new crossover SUV.