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Porsche centre calgary

We worked with Porsche Centre Calgary to bring their social media presence from a sales associate occasionally posting a cell phone snap from the showroom, to now being a Porsche authority with over half a million views on YouTube and over 10,000 followers on Instagram.


Explore Canada

Our founder, Jonathan Jacobs, partnered with Explore Canada to take over their account that is followed by 1.4 million people. As one of their inaugural Canadagrammers, Jonathan created a campaign to showcase the city of Calgary to potential tourists from around the world.


Glenmore Audi

Glenmore Audi reached out to us because they saw the potential of social media before any of their local competitors did. While most other dealerships were still heavily stuck in traditional advertising, Glenmore Audi worked with us to take advantage of underpriced attention and built an online presence that reaches ~50,000 people per month while creating content that their competitors aspire to.


Village Ice Cream

Village Ice Cream was frustrated with their social media. Being a well-known ice cream brand in the Calgary community, it was difficult to see their posts struggle to get engagement especially as their competitors appeared to gain popularity by the hour. Village brought us in to give their social media presence a jump start. The results? The very first post we did for them became their most liked post to date. They went from 1 in 100 posts getting over 500 likes, to having several posts with over 1,000 likes, including their current most liked photo that sits at 3,294 likes.


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