ZS Holdings

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You have beautiful hotels. It is time to make your content beautiful too.

With 3.02 billion people projected to be on social media by 2021, it is easy to see why the internet is often the first place a customer interacts with a business. From my brief time in one of your establishments I could immediately see the attention to detail that emphasized presentation and making a good first impression. I believe that we can elevate your content to match those principles of your business, creating an impressive digital presence that eliminates any hesitation when booking accommodation, meeting space, or dining.

As I mentioned in our meeting, I specialize in photography and videography content creation for local businesses. I’ve worked with several businesses in Calgary including car dealerships such as Porsche Centre Calgary, restaurants such as Village Ice Cream, and hotels such as Calgary Marriott Downtown. My project with them obviously seems best suited for your business, so I will share some of the content I created for them a year ago. While I am very proud of this project, I look forward to creating even better content for you due to several gear improvements and personal growth that I have made over the past year.


Apart from the Marriott project, please feel free to poke around this site a bit. I will also include some of my other work in a slideshow below. My personal Instagram also has some of my most recent work: www.instagram.com/jonathanjacobs_ . If you let me know what areas you have that could use my services, I can put together a custom proposal for you. Feel free to reach out at any time: (587) 578-0929 or jonathan@meta.moda